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meal replacements

Meal Replacements For Weight Loss

In all of my experience in helping others lose weight / fat , and keep it off for good , I have found one common denominator with each one of my clients that to this day will still utilize . MEAL REPLACEMENTS .  No matter how many different fat burners , medical treatments , and even cosmetic treatments you contemplate , the fact still remains that you have to eat less than what you burn to lose weight . Meal replacements make this a very easy task so that you know exactly what you are taking in at all times .  Moreover , it has been proven time and time again that meal replacements are the most effective treatment for maintaining weight loss .Typically , someone will replace 1-2 meals a day with a bar or shake in order to afford more calories at more appetizing meals such as lunch and dinner . Meal Replacements will generally have a much higher nutrient content than most foods . What can Meal replacements do for me ? :
⦁    Satiate hunger between meals and provide a boost of energy to get through another few hours of your day

⦁    Portion control: People eat with their eyes , not their hands . It’s our nature to attempt to “ finish the plate “ . You can feel justified when doing this with meal replacements because you finish your meal and never go over your calories .

⦁    A healthy late night snack when combined with your favorite fruits , milk , and/or some type of nut butter ( my favorite )

Use it till’ you lose it !
When you are using a meal replacement , you need to think of it just as that . A replacement of food . Traditional foods will always be there for you to munch on , but in today’s society , people generally find it very difficult to prepare and serve 3 solid meals + 2 snacks . Meal replacements cut the time out and keep your nutrient intake up . As mentioned before , this will allow more room for lunch and dinner .

When a client of mine has reached a desired weight they do not need to eat at a caloric deficit anymore , which would suppress the need for supplementation .

When it’s all said and done ..
Use meal replacements regularly to curb hunger, allow greater choices for traditional meals and save on your grocery bill. Use dietary supplements to ease the chore and stay motivated by accelerating weight loss and assisting in appetite control.

Please contact me for more information about how to receive your personal blueprint to weight loss .
Last , but not least . If you want the most advantage without cheating , use the Exerspy and never gain weight again !!!

Love to all from your favorite trainer , The People’s Trainer