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Peoples Trainer » Hate the taste of protein shakes ? Mix it up with the delicious recipe for the best for weight loss protein shake .


Chocolate Banana Strawberry Lean MR

If your still out there complaining about how you can’t stomach a protein shake , stop it ! The shake is not the problem . It’s you that’s lacking flavor , lol . Take it from the guy who has been drinking meal replacement shakes since they really did taste like liquid cardboard . Lean MR tastes awesome on it’s own , but throwing this recipe together turns it into something celestial! Check it out :

 2 scoops Chocolate LeanMR

1 small banana

6 strawberries

1.25 cups nonfat milk

Place ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add crushed ice for a thicker shake.


If you have any questions about what meal replacement is right for you , please feel free to contact me by email  at iamthepeoplestrainer@gmail.com . Thank you for your support

Love to all from your favorite trainer , The People’s Trainer